SPASA Certification & Accreditation Program

What is SPASA Certification & Accreditation?

SPASA Certification & Accreditation is a continuing professional development (CPD) education and training program available only to individuals, employees and business members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA).

The program provides recognition for members within the SPASA network for their professional skills and commitment to ongoing learning and development. It also reflects SPASA’s commitment to its members through educating consumers, regulators and government about the professionalism of SPASA Certified and Accredited members. 

How do I become SPASA Certified?

Individuals and employees who are members of SPASA will automatically qualify as SPASA Certified when they achieve and retain 12 SPASA CPD points annually.

How does my business become SPASA Accredited?

Businesses may apply to become SPASA Accredited when their key employees achieve

and retain 12 SPASA CPD points annually.

Get noticed

SPASA appreciates the time constraints on members, and therefore the program provides multiple pathways to qualify for Certification and Accreditation. For example, attendance at SPASA industry training and/or endorsed events is one of the ways member individuals, employees and businesses can qualify to become Certified and Accredited members.

Becoming SPASA Certified or SPASA Accredited gives you and your business an instantly recognisable badge of professionalism, demonstrating that you have the required education, technical competence, experience and a commitment to your own professional development.


SPASA is the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia dedicated to the swimming pool and spa industry. As the leading provider of industry education, SPASA offers diverse, flexible and tailored opportunities for members wanting to meet their commitment to CPD.

Members of SPASA can participate in CPD in the following ways:

  1. Nationally recognised qualifications for pool builders and pool service technicians

  2. Short courses for pool builders, service technicians, retailers and other sectors

  3. SPASA approved courses

  4. SPASA CPD meetings, seminars and workshops.

This CPD Brochure provides information on how participants may accrue CPD points. 

Earning CPD Points for Certification

A minimum of 12 CPD points are required every year to maintain SPASA Certification status. Examples of CPD opportunities include:

  • Meetings and Workshops

  • Seminars and Conferences

  • Participating on Industry Local Committees

  • SPASA Courses

  • SPASA Presentations and Webinars

  • SPASA approved CPD opportunities provided by member suppliers and other organisations

  • Other SPASA accepted courses that are relevant to the member’s approved membership category

SPASA CPD opportunities provided to members will be relevant to one of the 8 CPD topic areas listed below:

  1. Technical 

  2. Sustainability

  3. Compliance

  4. Communication

  5. Dispute resolution

  6. Contracts

  7. Safety

  8. Business Management

Download the SPASA CPD Brochure for more information.